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How to Glorify Your Vertical Space with Vaulted Ceiling Lighting

Vaulted ceilings are famous for making rooms look big and letting lots of natural light inside. These high ceilings are not just good-looking but they also let us put up different kinds of lights in interesting angles.

Vaulted Lights use anidolic lighting prisms to spot light in sideways. In this setting Prism tiles have curve shape design that bends the natural sunlight passing through window. Pavement lights also known as vault lights are categorically designed to let the light to come into basement portion. These were first introduced in UK in 1880s. These basement lights are made of cast iron frames adorned with trimmed squares of glass.

You can use vaulted ceiling lighting to hang fancy chandeliers, elegant Pendant lights, or even simple recessed lights that stay in the ceiling. There are many ways to show off your personal style in these beautiful spaces.

Below, we’ve collected some ideas for High ceiling Lights that will catch your eye and make the inside of your home look even more beautiful.

Ideas for High Vaulted Ceiling Lights

Modern Vaulted Ceiling Chandelier

A modern vaulted ceiling chandelier is a stylish and elegant light fixture for rooms with high, sloping ceilings. It hangs down from the ceiling and adds a touch of beauty and sophistication to the space. The chandelier often has a contemporary design with sleek lines and materials like metal and glass. It provides both illumination and a decorative element, becoming a focal point in the room. 

Whether in a living room, dining area, or entryway, a modern vaulted ceiling chandelier enhances the ambiance.

Modern Vaulted Chandelier-Styles of Lighting
Styles of Lighting

A white living room with a vaulted ceiling

A white living room with a vaulted ceiling is a bright and airy space. The walls, furniture, and decorations are all white, which makes the room feel open and clean. The ceiling is tall and sloping, creating a sense of grandeur. 

Large windows bring in lots of sunlight, making the room feel even more spacious. People often choose this design because it feels relaxing and peaceful. You can add colourful cushions or paintings to bring a touch of colour to the room.

Vaulted Ceiling Lightings in White Living Room-lighting shade
Styles in Lighting

Vaulted Ceiling Pendant Lighting

Vaulted ceiling pendant lighting is a type of hanging light that suits rooms with high, sloping ceilings. It hangs down and gives off light, making the room bright. This kind of lighting is often chosen for its stylish look. The light hangs from the ceiling like a decoration, and it comes in various designs, sizes, and materials. People like how it adds charm to a room with a tall ceiling. 

Whether it’s a modern metal pendant or a classic glass one, this type of vaulted ceiling lighting brings both illumination and beauty to your space.

Pendant Lighting hanging in Vaulted Ceiling
Pendant Light

White and Light Wood Vaulted Ceiling Lighting

White and light wood vaulted ceiling lighting combines two natural elements to create a warm and inviting space. The ceiling is tall and slopes upwards, while the wood adds a cosy touch. This type of lighting hangs from the ceiling and brightens up the room. 

The combination of white and light wood feels fresh and comfortable. It’s a popular choice for people who want their room to feel open and welcoming. 

Vaulted Ceiling With Wood Beam and Round Black Chandelier

A vaulted ceiling has a high and arched shape. It’s made more charming with wooden beams that run across it. These beams give a cosy, rustic feel to the space. Hanging from the ceiling is a round chandelier in black colour. The chandelier adds a touch of elegance and style to the room. Its round shape and dark colour create a striking contrast against the wooden beams and the white ceiling. 

Round Black Chandelier with wood Beam-Lighting shade
Round Black Chandelier with wood Beam-Lighting shade

This combination of wood and black chandelier makes the room look beautiful and inviting. It’s a great example of how simple elements can come together to create a stunning interior design.

Modern Lighting Concepts for Vaulted Ceilings

Open Concept

An open concept with a vaulted ceiling presented by “ Patricia Brown Designs” brings a spacious and connected feel to a room. To enhance this design, creative lighting ideas come into play. Strategically placed lights on the high ceiling can accentuate the openness and architectural beauty. Pendant lights or chandeliers can illuminate the space, drawing attention to the height. 

Recessed lights in Kitchen along with the under cabinet and millwork lighting can illuminate the space and offer a soft glow. It helps in maintaining an inviting ambiance. Combining these lighting elements crafts a harmonious balance between the grandeur of the vaulted ceiling lighting and the welcoming atmosphere of the open concept.

Transitional Concept

Jacklyn Graniczny of Sublime Homes introduces a brilliant vaulted ceiling lighting idea within the transitional style. This fusion of modern and traditional design embraces a balance of warmth and simplicity. By adorning the elevated ceilings with carefully placed pendant lights or graceful chandeliers, a seamless blend of classic and contemporary is achieved. 

The transitional vaulted ceiling lighting concept respects the open space while infusing it with a welcoming glow. This technique of vaulted ceiling lighting, curated by Graniczny, not only accentuates the architectural beauty but also exemplifies her adeptness in harmonising elements.

Stay Cool Concept

Melissa Fields from Shades of Gray Design Studio presents a refreshing Lights in a vaulted ceiling idea aimed at keeping spaces cool and stylish. Based in Texas, her concept combines functionality and aesthetics by integrating ceiling fans with elegant lighting fixtures. These dual-purpose elements efficiently circulate air while illuminating the room. 

The marriage of form and function is evident as the design not only embraces the grandeur of vaulted ceilings but also ensures comfort during warmer days. Fields’ innovation reflects her Texan sensibilities, delivering a smart and chic solution of vaulted ceiling lighting that harmonises cooling and lighting for a comfortable and trendy living environment.

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Chandelier Installation Tips for High ceilings

Choose the Right Location

Decide where you want to install the chandelier. Make sure the location can support the weight of the chandelier.

Turn off Power

Before you start any electrical work, turn off the power to the circuit you’ll be working on from the main electrical panel.

Check Wiring

Ensure that the wiring and junction box in the ceiling can handle the weight of the chandelier. If needed, install a ceiling fan brace box for added support.

Assemble the Chandelier

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble the chandelier. This might involve attaching crystals, shades, or other decorative elements.

Attach Mounting Bracket

Typically, a mounting bracket will be included with the chandelier. Attach this bracket to the electrical box in the ceiling using the provided screws.

Connect Wires

Connect the wires from the chandelier to the corresponding wires in the electrical box. Use wire nuts to secure the connections and wrap them with electrical tape.

Hang the Chandelier

With the wires connected, carefully lift the chandelier and hang it on the mounting bracket. 

Install Bulbs

Install the bulbs according to the chandelier’s specifications. Make sure they’re the correct wattage and type.

Test the Chandelier

 Turn the power back on and test the chandelier to ensure it’s working properly.

Pendant Light Installation Tips for Lofty Ceilings

Choose Location

Determine where you want to hang the pendant lights. Consider the height, spacing, and overall aesthetic of the room.

Turn off Power

 Always turn off the power to the circuit you’re working on before starting any electrical work.

Prepare the Junction Box

Check that the junction box can support the weight of the pendant light. If necessary, install a support bracket.

Assemble the Pendant

If the pendant light requires assembly, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Wire Connection

Connect the wires from the pendant light to the wires in the junction box. Again, use wire nuts and secure them with electrical tape.

Hang the Pendant

Hang the pendant light for vaulted ceiling according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some pendants may have adjustable cords or chains for varying heights.

Secure the Pendant

Once the pendant is hung, ensure it’s securely fastened to the ceiling.

Install Bulb

Install the appropriate bulb in the pendant light, following the specifications provided.

Turn on Power

Turn the power back on and test the pendant light to confirm it’s functioning correctly.

Adjust and Level

Make any necessary adjustments to the pendant’s height and ensure it’s level with the floor.

How to Adjust Pendant’s Height

The ideal height for pendant lights above the floor depends on various factors such as the room’s purpose, the pendant’s design, and personal preferences. However, a common guideline is to hang pendant lights around 30 to 36 inches (76 to 91 cm) above a standard dining table or countertop. For an 8-foot (96-inch) ceiling height:

If the Height of Ceiling is “8” feet, You should take care of folowing steps:

  • Standard Hanging Height: If you’re using pendant lights over a dining table or kitchen island, a height of around 30 to 36 inches above the table’s surface is generally recommended. This leaves enough space for the pendant to provide sufficient lighting while also maintaining a balanced look in the room.
  • Overall Pendant Length: Keep in mind that the overall length of the pendant (including the cord, chain, or rod) will factor into the hanging height. Make sure to account for this when determining the appropriate height.
  • Adjustable Pendants: Some pendant lights come with adjustable cords or chains, allowing you to easily customize the height according to your preference and the room’s needs.
  • Consider Sightlines: Additionally, consider the sightlines in the room. You don’t want the pendant lights to obstruct views across the room or make it difficult for people to see and interact with each other.
  • Safety: Ensure that the pendant lights are hung high enough to avoid head bumps but not so low that they pose a hazard.
  • Aesthetic Considerations: The style and design of the pendant lights, as well as the overall aesthetics of the room, will also influence the ideal hanging height.

If the Height of Ceiling is “12” Inches, You should follow these Guidelines:

For a ceiling height of 12 feet, the recommended hanging height for pendant lights will be slightly higher compared to a standard 8-foot ceiling. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Standard Hanging Height: For a 12-foot ceiling, pendant lights are typically hung around 36 to 42 inches above a standard dining table or countertop. This ensures that the pendant provides adequate lighting while also maintaining a balanced and visually appealing look in the room.
  • Adjustable Pendants: As always, if your pendant lights come with adjustable cords, chains, or rods, you can customize the hanging height to suit your preferences and the room’s needs.
  • Overall Pendant Length: Remember to account for the total length of the pendant (including the cord, chain, or rod) when determining the hanging height.
  • Sightlines and Safety: Keep sightlines in mind, and make sure the pendant lights do not obstruct views across the room. Additionally, ensure that the lights are hung at a safe height to avoid any hazards.
  • Aesthetics: The design and style of the pendant lights, as well as the overall aesthetics of the room, will influence the best hanging height.
  • Entryways and Open Spaces: In larger spaces with higher ceilings, like entryways or open living areas, you might opt for slightly longer hanging heights to make a statement and fill the vertical space.
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